Mount Ijen Tour The Best Destination

Banyuwangi, Malang, and Bali at low prices which are very suitable for you adventurous tourism lovers. Trekking and climbing to Mount Ijen are one of the best choices to take advantage of your vacation time. Whether with family or family, group groups or with private tour models. The main charm of this Ijen crater tour is to see the beauty of Mount Ijen, especially seeing a very natural panorama and of course very rare in this world namely Blue Fire or Blue Fire or Blue Fire which is the only one in Indonesia.

Mount Ijen tour Blue Fire Crater is quite simple, it only requires vacation and recreation time only 2 days 1 night. But because the location of the Ijen crater is far in the East End of the island of Java and far from the city center like Surabaya or Malang, it will take time to stay. Why do you have to stay overnight? because climbing to Mount Ijen requires approximately 2 hours trekking and the tour must be at 12 or 1 pm. While a tour of the then crater from Surabaya or Malang requires a road trip by car for around 6 to 7 hours. Choosing if you choose a tour to Crater Ijen Blue fire from Banyuwangi, we will immediately pick you up from Banyuwangi Station or Blimbing Sari Airport which is the closest meeting point to Mount Ijen. For schedules, itinerary and Ijen crater tour packages are special for our tours below.

Cheap Mount Ijen tour Crater Blue Fire
First Day: Surabaya / Malang / Banyuwangi – Travel to Ijen Crater Tourism
Pick up from the city of Surabaya, Malang or directly from Banyuwangi, namely pick up at the Station / Terminal / Airport / Hotel by our team. Pick up depends on your schedule. To maximize the tour, it is expected to arrive in the morning at the agreed meeting point. Then after meeting with our driver and guide, we proceeded to the inn, hotel or homestay closest to the Gunung Ijen tourist attraction to take a break to prepare for the blue fire tour. If the meeting point pick-up from Surabaya or Malang takes around 6 to 7 hours of driving, if from Banyuwangi to Ijen crater only takes about 2 hours. After arriving at the tourist area of Ijen Crater check-in lodging and rest. Be prepared to enjoy the natural scenery of the mountains with cool and cool air, of course with the natural nuances of the mountains. You can also walk on the coffee plantation if you stay in the Blawan or Sempol area. Evening dinner and rest to prepare for the midnight blue trekking fire.
Day Two: Blue Fire Tour of Mount Ijen – Drop Banyuwangi, Surabaya or Malang

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